Get some insurance–before February 15

stethoscopeheartYou can learn if you qualify for the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) or tax credits toward medical insurance premiums at two upcoming events.

In The Dalles, we’ll be at One Community Health on January 29.

In Hood River, we can help you at The Next Door on January 31.

The deadline to apply for health insurance help is February 15. Questions? Call Alicia Ramirez at 541-436-0329.

Parenting Ed is For Everyone

Mythbreakers answer the question–“Is parenting something everyone just knows how to do?”

Do you ever wonder how to handle your child?- Learn new ways to teach your child self control, handling their emotions, effective praise, clear limit setting, persistence coaching, and so much more. Our parenting class series will begin in February. 

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Health Insurance–Time to Renew


Every year, Oregon Health Plan members must renew their benefits. Watch your mailbox because OHP will send you a letter when it’s your time to renew. Just fill out the requested information and return it. Renewing is that simple! Learn more about the Oregon Health Plan at

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