Whistleblower Policy

Our roles, as stewards of our mission, demand that we – all Board and Committee Members, staff and volunteers – uphold the public trust and act in an ethical manner in all of our commitments to The Next Door, Inc (NDI). These ethical values include integrity, openness, honesty, accountability, fairness, respect and responsibility. NDI is committed to the highest possible ethical standards and we encourage everyone associated with NDI to commit to acting in the best interest of NDI.

In order to facilitate open and honest communication, NDI has established a Code of Conduct for our employees, Board and Committee Members and volunteers to adhere to, in addition to all applicable laws and regulations. We are committed to maintaining a positive, ethical work environment for all members of NDI.

Should you suspect fraud, abuse or misuse of the Organization’s resources or assets; encounter dishonest actions or deeds; suspect conflict of interest; experience or are aware of harassment of any kind; or any other behavior that violates the Organization’s Codes or local laws and regulations, you have a responsibility to report the violation or suspected violation to the appropriate entities within NDI.

We expect any report of violation will be made in good faith, and is a real and legitimate concern that you believe should be addressed. Anyone who reports a violation in good faith will not suffer harassment, retaliation or adverse employment consequences. Anyone who perpetuates harassment, retaliation or in any way affects the employment of a reporter will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. We encourage employees and other involved parties to bring forth serious issues and concerns.

We invite anyone involved in any aspect of NDI to report violations or suspected violations. All violations or suspected violations can be reported to your immediate supervisor, the Human Resources Manager, the Executive Director, or the Chair of the Board of Directors.