Ralph Kupersmith

Foster Parent Trainer & Support, Treatment Services
Facilities Supervisor, Administration

written by Larry James, Treatment Services Director

If there is an NDI super hero, this Employee of the Month would surely qualify.

This super hero is able to saw through walls, dispense with Mr. Freeze and his slippery partners Ice and Snow, and eliminate the evil Mold Monster that attacked Klahre House. 

He does all this super work while keeping his mild mannered secret identity nearly hidden. It was disclosed today that many who saw this super hero flying past their window also saw the unforeboding Ralph Kupersmith in the area at the same time. 

Recently it was reported that this NDI super hero was flying from one foster home to another, delivering the children’s December allowance and helping foster parents be the very spirit of the Holidays. It appears that there is nothing he can not do. 

Super Ralph is always available when called upon to do whatever needs to be done and wherever it needs to be done. When Ralph was nominated for Employee of the Month, every single Program Manager had some example of how Ralph has helped them or the NDI program they supervise during this past year. We at NDI are very privileged and inspired by the can-do spirit of Ralph Kupersmith, the January Employee of the Month. 

“I can’t believe how many times Ralph has come through for us fixing things, painting things, installing things, moving things, replacing lights, fingerprinting almost EVERYONE and doing everything else and at the same time, being so nice and patient. We’re so lucky to have him!” ~Barb Blair, Human Resources Manager

“Ralph gets my vote! He’s always quick to respond and last month especially he took care of 2nd St. requests speedily.” ~Jennifer Vizcarra, Nuestra Comunidad Sana Project Manager

“I would wholeheartedly agree about Ralph! He came in throughout December on the weekends to empty the dehumidifier every day. He’s been working hard to help clean up the basement mold issue.” ~Janet Hamada, Executive Director

“I observed first hand how hard it was for him to tear himself away from the barcolounger on holiday to come shovel the walks and empty the trough.” ~Derryll Dexter, Treatment Services Administrative Operations Manager

“In December, when a lot of other people were taking time off, Ralph came in and taught First Aid & CPR to some of our Klahre House teens. He also took extra “on-call” days so that others wouldn’t have to be on call while they were on vacation or holiday. In addition, he’s been instrumental in problem-solving issues with caregivers.” ~David Dye, Treatment Services Program Manager