Professional Foster Parenting

Foster Families Change the WorldThe foster children and teens The Next Door serves come to us because of behavior problems. Most have been abused and neglected, and most need help catching up with others their age. They all need someone with time to give them attention, a heart to give them love and patience to work with their individual needs.

Professional Foster Parenting with The Next Door is an opportunity to make the world a better place by giving a home to a child or teen who needs one.

To become a Foster Parent with The Next Door you need:

  • A safe and clean home
  • With an extra bedroom
  • In Hood River or Wasco County
  • No children under five
  • And to pass a criminal background check.

Foster parents don’t have to own their home. They can have many different homes, lifestyles, and personalities. Whether you live in town or in the country, own your home or rent, live in a house or apartment, are married or single, you can become a foster parent.

Our Treatment Services program serves children and teens in foster homes. We have high standards for our foster parents and are proud of the care they give. Without foster parents, we would not be able to help these children and teens, so it is important for us to offer broad training and great support for our foster parents.

Our foster parents receive:

  • Training and certification as Professional Foster Parents
  • 24 hour telephone and in person support
  • Two paid days off each month
  • New trainings every month
  • $40-$60 per child per day, tax-free
  • And the joy of being a part of change for the better for children and teens

For more information about becoming a Professional Foster Parent, contact
Amy Lindley
Foster Parent Recruiter

The Next Door has and an for teenagers 13-18 years old, and also offers and for children 4-18 years old.

The Next Door needs full-time and weekend foster parents for teens.

In day treatment, participants live at home or in a foster home and come to a treatment center each day. Their treatment can include group therapy, counseling, social skill classes, and other kinds of help.
Over half of our foster teens attend high school classes right at our building in Hood River. This helps them keep up with their studies while making progress in treatment.
Behavior rehabilitation helps participants change the actions that are hurting themselves and others.
Therapeutic foster care gives a child who has been hurt a place to heal with specially trained foster parents.