Parenting Education

Who can you call for more info?
Nancy Johansen Paul, 541-436-0319, or toll free at 855-308-2236

Parenting in the Gorge Guide
Fun family activities, parenting classes, online resources, playgroups, library story hours. This guide makes it easy for parents to find what their family needs. Also available in Spanish.

Parenting Class Just for Dads in The Dalles
Pathways to Responsible Fatherhood, an all day parenting seminar, will be presented at the Gorge Discovery Center on April 12. There will be food. And great information. Not only that, men who complete the seminar will receive a $40 gift card at Fred Meyer. Call 360-260-1100 to register.

Parenting Classes in Spanish in Odell
For parents of 2-6 year olds.
Incredible Years weekly classes in Spanish, starting April 3. A light dinner and child care are provided so parents can learn new ways to deal with misbehavior, how to play with, praise and reward your young children. Call Gabriel at 541-490-6429 to register. Send a flyer in Spanish or in English to interested parents.

Spring 2014 Parenting Classes
Enroll in a parenting series and learn the latest parenting techniques: Opening Doors is a fun, family-oriented series for parents, grandparents, foster parents, and caregivers & their children 0-5 years old. Learn to motivate your child, set limits, use positive approaches to discipline, and prepare your child for school success. Explore new parenting techniques while sharing the joys and challenges of parenting with other parents. Classes  are wrapping up, but watch for more classes in the fall.

What parents say about our Parenting classes:
“We are here because we love our kids!” ~Dry Hollow Mom
“I really didn’t want to attend at first, but now I’m hooked. I LOVE this class and I’m going to miss coming together and learning about parenting. I have learned so much!” ~The Dalles Dad
“The parenting class has made parenting much easier and has made life for my children so much better.” ~Hood River Mom

A Mom Tells Why She Loves Our Classes

30 Seconds of Good Reasons to Sign Up

Open Enrollment Parenting Classes 
Can’t seem to get signed up for parenting classes by the time they start? Now we have a more convenient class for you. Enroll anytime, get started anytime. This class series focuses on children ages 0-8.  Parents, grandparents, foster parents, and caregivers can learn new skills and better understand, nurture, and care for the children in their lives. Classes are in The Dalles.

What parents say about Open Enrollment Parenting classes:
“I have noticed a great improvement in the way my son and I communicate. I have practiced more of the ‘touching communication’ and have noticed that I get more unsolicited hugs and ‘I love yous’, which in turn he gets more as well.” ~ The Dalles parent

Children in the Middle: Parenting Through Divorce or Separation
For parents going through separation or divorce; discover new insights that focus on healthy ways to deal with the most common problems. Learn ways to reduce stress and conflict,  ways to deal with feelings, and to communicate more effectively.

How do we know that our work with parents is effective? We measure a few key indicators, like whether we’re seeing parents often enough, and how often parents are reading to their children. Then we compile the results into a statistical report and send it off to our funders, so they know we’re getting the results they were hoping for.

Blog Posts
Our Executive Director frequently writes about Parenting Education on her blog.