Helping families and children build skills for loving relationships and healthy lifestyles.

Visions of Broccoli

Enjoy our latest email newsletter about a family growing their own food together. Pablo and Antonia wanted to learn to garden here, and boy did they!

Mom does what it takes, and then some

Adorable ChildEnjoy our latest email newsletter. When her kids were placed in foster care, this mom took the opportunity to turn her life around, and theirs too.

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

dr-martin-luther-king-jr-and-familyPlease enjoy our Executive Director’s annual newsletter honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We still have much to learn from Dr. King about how to be a real human community.

You can be the hero of this story

adyHere’s our latest email newsletter. It’s also our end-of-year fundraising appeal, so be prepared. Yes, we will ask for your help.

“Fine. But I’m not a dancer.”

Zumba ParkdaleEnjoy our latest newsletter story about how one of our staff members, Yesi Castro, traveled to the far reaches of her comfort zone to serve people in her community.