Foster Parenting Teens

The teens at Klahre House have been in trouble because of their behavior, often due to a lack of skills, and they want to change. Most have been abused; most are lonely. They all need a positive adult with the time to give them attention, and the heart to give them love.

Professional foster parents with Klahre House are looking for an opportunity to make a difference, to make the world a better place. They like teenagers and are tolerant of differences and mistakes. They know how to have fun! 

Our program gives our students support and tools so they can choose to change their actions and their view of their place in the world. Our staff provides therapy and guidance, but they can’t give what our good foster parents can; a safe and stable home. 

As an essential and valued part of the team, our foster parents teach and practice new skills and do fun activities. They’re always learning new ways to solve problems and passing on what they learn to teens and other foster parents. 

Sometimes it can be a challenge. These teens start out lacking skills to manage their emotions, and occasionally have emotional outbursts, at least at first. When needed, our foster parents can reach someone on staff any hour of the day or night.

Foster parents learn to manage their time to meet the demands of treatment, school, supervision, and paperwork. One of the toughest things for new foster parents is learning to be a different kind of parent. Teens in treatment often require a special approach and new skills. All the work is worth it though, when you see your foster teen learning to stay out of trouble, make good choices, and manage their emotions.

In return for opening their homes and hearts, our foster parents of teens receive:

  • training and certification as a Professional Foster Parent
  • 24 hour on-call support
  • two paid days off each month
  • training meetings every month
  • $1500 per child each month tax-free
  • and the joy of being part of mending lives in big ways.

Sound good? You might be just the right foster parent for one or more of these teens. To find out more, call Amy Lindley at  541-308-2207  today. 

Read two short stories about teenagers we helped. 

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