Conflict of Interest Policy

Board and advisory committee members who are either The Next Door, Inc. (NDI) personnel or relatives, close friends or business associates of NDI personnel shall identify matters where their objectivity may be compromised and recuse themselves from voting on such matters.

Identification of conflicts of interest
NDI Board of Directors or NDI advisory committee members are to inform the chair of the Board of advisory committee on which they serve when that body is considering an issue that may represent a conflict of interest in their participation and voting.

A conflict of interest exists for individual board or advisory committee members when the Board of Directors or an NDI advisory committee is considering the following types of issues:
a) Promotions, salaries or specific benefit packages involving relatives, friends or business associates;
b) Hiring, disciplining or terminating staff people who are relatives, friends or business associates;
c) Matters in which a member of the Board of Directors is involved individually, or as part of a business or professional firm, in NDI’s business transactions or current professional services.

Determination of conflicts of interest
The Chair of the Board of Directors or of the advisory committee is responsible for final determination of whether an actual conflict of interest exists after he/she has been notified of a potential conflict of interest. The Chair may consult with board or committee members and/or an attorney prior to arriving at a final decision.